What is parental control feature of Belkin Router and how it can be implemented?

Parental control highlight of Belkin switch gives its clients an approach to restricting the entrance for specific pages and gadgets accessible under the Wi-Fi organization. The entrance can be confined and booked. For itemized clarification mercifully allude to the total data shared here.


The admittance to every one of the gadgets and sites recorded under Belkin can be restricted with the assistance of Parental control highlight of Belkin router. To restrict the entrance clients may either totally confine or plan the admittance to a web organization. The entrance can be confined or booked for all gadgets and for few specific gadgets also.


The parental control highlight may not work in the event of the following circumstance. So clients should guarantee that none of the accompanying conditions exist.


·        One should guarantee the gadget isn't accepting web through Virtual Private organization and isn't moving traffic by means of the intermediary worker.

·        Clients should guarantee no recently got to website page data is as yet saved to the gadget store memory.

·        The DNS worker ought not to be not be arrangement physically.

·        Presently, on the off chance that you wish to utilize this component of your Belkin switch, here's the progression shrewd methodology for empowering parental control:


Steps for turning ON the parental control includes:

1.   Open any of the refreshed internet browsers accessible on your PC of web associated cell phone.


2.   Assuming this URL doesn't work, have a go at utilizing the IP address: as the URL. On the off chance that clients have made changes to the switch's default URL settings then they should utilize the new URL designed by them.

3.   One the Belkin switch's dashboard opens up on the screen, find the "Parental Control" catch and snap on it. In the event that the "Parental The control" button isn't accessible straightforwardly on the screen clients may initially go to the "Progressed Settings" and afterward track down the "Parental control" button under it.

4.   A rundown of parental control alternatives will appear on the screen. There click on the choice for "Parental Internet Control."

5. The confirmation exchange box will open up on the screen. There present the secret word for associating with switch and snap on the "Let Me in" button. Subsequent to presenting the secret phrase the worker will confirm the subtleties and let you log in if the accreditations are discovered to be right.

6.   When the Parental Internet control window opens up, clients can either impede or plan the admittance to web network just as the gadgets recorded under a similar Wi-Fi organization.

7.   To impede and unblock the entrance clients may just flip its change to Blocked or Unblocked state according to their prerequisites.

8.   For planning the web access for not many specific days or ends of the week, clients may Schedule the admittance to the web. Following are the means for booking the admittance to the web.

Peruse the Belkin Dashboard b. In the event that the URL is unavailable, attempt to get to the dashboard by utilizing the IP address:


·        Before long as the dashboard opens up, click on the catch marked as "Parental Internet Control."


·        Before long as the Login discourse box shows up on the screen, present the secret phrase and snap on the "Let me in!" button.

·        Presently stand by till the whole rundown of gadgets enrolled under the organization opens up.

·        Find the Arrow before the gadget for which the entrance should be planned.

·        Snap inside the check box marked as "Timetable Internet Access" to empower it.

·        Snap-on the drop-down menu accessible before "From" and "To." Choose the specific time span for how long the web access should be conceded to that individual gadget. For instance, the entrance can be conceded for not many explicit weekdays or for all the end of the weekdays.

·        Subsequent to indicating the time-frame clients may tap on the "Save" button. Every one of the progressions made for planned web access will be saved. To affirm the Scheduled admittance clients may check if the clock-like symbol is accessible before the gadget name for which the timetable has been set up. The clock-like symbol affirms that the timetable has been applied effectively.

M More info: Belkin.range


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  9. Some Belkin routers have a feature called Parental Internet Control that allows you to restrict or allow access to specific devices and websites on your network. The Parental Internet Control feature allows you to manage which devices are permitted to access the Internet.
    Source: nicholasmathiou

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